Destiny 2 flies you to the moon locations of Shadowkeep and prepares to close a Tribute Hall exploit


What is it with fiction writers trying to put creepy stuff on the Moon? By all visual accounts, it’s a serene, tranquil, and pretty place that’s devoid of any abject horror. So what’s with, for example, the Destiny 2 folks putting Nazgul-looking threats on its surface? What did the Moon do to you guys?

Rhetorical questions aside, the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion is all about going back to the surface of the Moon to take out whatever creepy things are lurking around up there, and some of those locales are available to tour in video form. It’s a thematic look at what Shadowkeep’s Moon has to offer, replete with impossible architecture and hair-raising music.

That’s for September, however. As for Destiny 2’s immediate future, PvP players will once more be able to wave their e-peens Iron Banner from July 23rd to July 30th for glory, a Triumph, and an emblem.

Speaking of July 30th, that’s when an exploit found for the Tribute Hall will be sealed up. Players were able to use a character switching trick to rake in free tributes in the Tribute Hall over and over again, circumventing the vast majority of the grind needed to unlock things like the Bad Juju Exotic weapon. As per the usual Bungie policy, those who found said exploit aren’t getting outright banned, but the number of actual Tributes placed will now be account-bound, meaning any goodies unlocked with the exploit will not be available until the appropriate amount of Tributes are actually placed, so cheaters are still not prospering.

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