Here’s how much vehicles in Star Citizen cost in-game (as of right now)


After what felt like an eternity, players were finally granted the opportunity to buy their own Star Citizen ships with in-game credits instead of cracking into their savings and flinging piles of dosh at the screen with patch 3.3.5. How much are these ships really, though? One helpful player has put together the most recent prices and laid it all out in handy-dandy spreadsheet form.

The spreadsheet in question provides prices in in-game UEC and real money pledge value, and even offers a metric called “aUEC per pledge$,” which is explained by the OP as a dollar value of each ship divided into their latest aUEC values. As one would expect, most of the tastier ships in the current lineup will set you back some hefty piles of spacebucks, with the massive Reclaimer ship sitting at the top end at over 15M aUEC. All of the figures listed are accurate as of the current PTU build of patch 3.6.

To that point, there are some caveats one should consider while pondering this list: Pricing is absolutely subject to change owing to the fact that this game is still in alpha, and the redditor who compiled the list suggests that players shouldn’t make big decisions based on these data and should instead look for general trends.

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source: Star Citizen subreddit, thanks to DK for the tip!
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