Life is Feudal: MMO is officially going free-to-play with bonuses for existing players


It’s been a while since we checked in on the MMO version of Life is Feudal, which hit early access over a year and a half ago and has been busy with patches, server merges, and even new territory since. But one of the things that may have held back widespread adoption of the open-world title was its cover charge, but this week, developer Bitbox announced a free-to-play switch. In fact, it’s already live.

“If you have been around during our last AMA, then you probably know already, that we planned to switch to a new F2P model, that would give even more opportunities for newcomers. And finally, we’re excited to announce that, starting today, every new member of our community shall receive a Ticket to Abella and a 3 days of Premium subscription. We hope that it will bring more new players to the adventures and journeys on Godenland.”

The accompanying patch tweaks multiple systems across the game, including bumping production rates and nerfing how long it takes to grind skills post-90.

Source: Official site, Steam. Thanks, Kinya!

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