The Division 2 looks ahead to Title Update 5, casts a spotlight on its comic book and sound design


Today in The Division 2 news: The devs have posted up yet another State of the Game with looks ahead to the online shooter’s next update, there was some time spent with the writer of the Division 2 comic, and there’s even a documentary with the game’s audio team outlining their visit to Chernobyl last year to gather sound assets.

Those are the headlines; now let’s break it on down.

The first part of the fifth title update for The Division 2 is slated to arrive on Tuesday, July 30th, with early access for Year One pass owners starting on Tuesday, July 23rd. This first update piece will feature two new main missions and the first two Investigation Areas of Kenly College. Before that, every player will be seeing balance changes and the Discovery Mode for Operation Dark Hours on the 27th.

The latest podcast for The Division 2 has an interview with writer Christopher Emgard to discuss the Extremis Malis comic. For those itching to get their hands on a fresh copy of this book, there will be a hardcover edition that collects all issues arriving on Tuesday, July 23rd.

Finally, the folks at Massive have granted a look back to last year when the audio team for The Division 2 took a trip to Chernobyl in order to get some unique sound effects for the game. It sounds like a far way to go for noises, honestly, but it is an intriguing look behind the curtain. That video can be found embedded below.

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A Dad Supreme

I’ve always thought sound was more important in video games than visuals.

When I hear bad voicing acting, it immediately takes me out of the mood no matter how pretty or fantastic the art is. A perfectly recorded sound of a gun, laser, or explosion really makes it feel as though you are in real danger.

The sound of a lightsaber igniting and being waved around in SWTOR… the sound of a Hobbit eating or a dwarf drinking ale in LOTRO…the train and horse sounds in Red Dead 2.. really put you in the game more than the incredible art.

I liken art in video games to pop music.. it’s not up for interpretation of what you are seeing; it’s plain as day. It’s whatever the artist who drew it wants you to see. But sounds are more like good jazz; they often make your imagination run wild.. “What’s behind this door? An enemy or an ally?” Hearing effects like a campfire cooking steaks or a ticking bomb wondering when it’s going to go off always heighten your expectation.

The one thing about The Division games is their team’s attention to detail. It’s easily the best game in the industry as far as combined sounds with visuals.