Otherland delays hardware move, preps performance patch


Big changes are ahead for the multiverse of Otherland, as the team is preparing to move the MMO over to new hardware and a new hosting company located in the US. It was supposed to happen this month, but that didn’t work out, and so the project is getting delayed until next month when a different set of servers arrive.

At least there’s a new patch on the way next week which will activate a crafting-related event and generally improve the game as a whole. “While it doesn’t bring any new content, [the patch will] improve a lot of existing content in how it performs. Various quests will react quicker, NPCs in those quests should move smoother, and things like that. Something we have been working for a while, it is one of those things that nobody likes to do, but it has to be done at some point in time.”

Otherland’s last content update was back in March.

Source: Facebook

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Michael Lehner

A bit late here, but there were no other Otherland news since this one. The last day i gave this one a try. It could be awesome. Especially the social hub is second to none. There’s so many bars with different themes there.

The game itself feels oki. Not super-smooth, some glitches, some refinement would be nice, but server performance in my eyes was not its problem.

Annoying: i am used to use shift and alt for movement modifications from ESO. In Otherland pressing one of these keys, while they have no function at all, stops my character. The minimap is of limited help and the map is not great yet.

Problematic: one mission i had to drop and start again to actually get it to progress. As i used the item a little before and thus the quest didn’t accept me using it again.

Critical: All the awesome social space. But no player there. I think that’s the part the game would really have to address: get seen more, get more players in there. While not perfect, it has some charme. Especially among RP oriented people, i see plenty of potential. (Although the current variety of possible outfits also still is too low. That part would have to grow for the RP people. )


The game itself, especially its world, felt good but lag was making it completely unplayable at times and it lacked a lot polish (especially annoying bugs you could work around if you had the patience but still downgraded the gaming experience)

Castagere Shaikura

This could be such a great game. Let’s hope they keep working on it. They really do need an update for that new player starting zone though. Its way to buggy and most people quit before they go into the world proper zones.

Lucjan (DRAGO)

May I ask when was the last time you played the starting zone? There have been quite a few changes in the past year, hence me asking.