The Daily Grind: How fast do you finish weekly tasks in MMOs?

And ANOTHER goddamn thing!

Ah, the weekly reset! It’s a thing in a lot of games. It’s a thing in Final Fantasy XIV, in World of Warcraft, in Star Wars: The Old Republic… in lots of games. Some stuff gives you more stuff once per week, or sometimes that’s when you can get anything from stuff, or… you know, it’s time to stop using the word “stuff” here. You get the idea, though.

The advantage to having once-weekly objectives is that the developers can control the rate of acquisition on things and that you have a certain broader sets of limitations on what you need to do. To use FFXIV as an example, you don’t need to hammer your face against the normal raid series endlessly to get a weapon; you need to do it once per week to get a token for a few weeks. But when do you take that on?

Some people (such as myself) try to get all of those weekly objectives out of the way as quickly as possible, hoping to ensure that the rest of the week is more flexible. Some people wait until the last possible minute to get things taken care of, and some people have a plan to get things done steadily through the week. So what about you? How fast do you finish weekly tasks in MMOs?

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I’ve never fully completed a set of weekly tasks. I’m very haphazard in how I approach any game, even those I love. Checking items off a list is not something fun for me, so I tend to ignore those sorts of lists.

If some activity or goal catches my eye as looking fun to do, then I’ll do it, but never in pursuit of completing the list.

Brown Jenkin

> Some people (such as myself) try to get all of those weekly objectives out of the way as quickly as possible, hoping to ensure that the rest of the week is more flexible.

Yeah that’s about my stance as well, I find that otherwise they just linger over my head as like constant reminders that I “don’t play enough”, I’m currently playing Conqueror’s Blade and so far I haven’t finished them once.


It’s the thing I don’t like with Warframe’s Nightwave. To much of a job-feeling, alerts where much better IMO. Burnt out on the first Nightwave season, haven’t intentionally completed a single one on the second season so far.

Toy Clown

If they get completed while I’m doing what I’d do anyway, then they get done. Dailies and weeklies just aren’t rewarding enough to deal with the monotony of grinding the same thing, day in… day out. Admittedly, it’s the biggest feature of MMOs that I loathe.

David Goodman

These days, I do not think about them at all. It used to be that, on days when I had free time, i’d try to grind them all out at once — because I might not be able to finish them if i put them off until later in the week, so I had to capitalize on it.

But these days, that all feels too… scheduled. I get why mobile games do it — they want to keep you ‘hooked’, because… well, mainly for the money, but also because most mobile games are free and you’re competing with quite literally thousands of other free games which are, at their core, probably not that different.

For MMOs and other such titles though? It started stressing me out, seeing The List in front of me – every time I log in, every time I look at the map. Here are X things you have to do within one day, one week, sometimes hours or even minutes remaining for things like WoW’s world quests. At one point I praised the system – repeatable content that gives rewards which are tied into the game. And it’s not bad – it’s quite literally me – I just can’t stand to do them any more.

I used to be neutral or lower on the idea of Classic WoW. The rose colored glasses aren’t here; i’m not nostalgic for the Days of Yore, or looking for “The Real WoW” – but the more I think about it, the more i’m kinda interested in getting back into a game where I can log in, and i’m only driven to do what I feel like doing, and not a set of tasks given to me by someone else. The only timer i’d have to worry about, potentially, is a raid timer.

I could probably find that in other MMOs, but with classic I can be assured of having friends already there and not having to start fresh, as it were.

so… right, to answer your question, paragraph 1. And i’m looking forward to doing something that doesn’t ask me to do it any more.

Robert Mann

Weekly tasks are daily tasks, just on a different timer, and sometimes comprised of those daily tasks. Blah. It’s yet another “Please do X content for us” -or- “Please ignore how much tedium we are putting you through with this extra reward”.

Just make the game fun, for crying out loud!


I’m on the side that tries to take care of them at reset to get them out of the way. I agree with a lot of the general sentiment that weekly/repeating quests feel like a job or chore. The real problem though is, whats the alternative? I certainly can’t think of a better automated system which mostly keeps people logging back in after they’ve completed the “main storyline” content.


Only weekly I ever cared about was the weekly raid resets.

If the raids were challenging, we’d usually space out raid nights across the week, either 2 or 3 nights, and we’d make sure either friday or saturday night was left free so everyone could still go out / spend time with family on the weekend.

If the raids were easy (like swtor) we’d complete them all on the reset night.

All other weeklies just seemed like unnecesarry chores so I would rarely bother unless there was a specific reward I wanted or unless I was really bored.

Kickstarter Donor

Meh, FFXIV’s weekly list is just a nice extra bonus if I accidentally complete something. I don’t try to on purpose.


I’m lucky I can complete a few quest chains before needing a nap, the idea of doing weeklies or dailies seems like vacuuming or something (hell I can’t be bothered to log in daily to get my daily log in rewards 2/3rds of the month.).