The MOP Up: Ragnarok Online EU is relaunching


Ragnarok Online is changing hands in Europe, and as part of that, the long-running fantasy MMO is relaunching with a different spin under 4game. Closed beta testing will happen next month with the open beta in September.

“After 12 years of service, Whybe Online is closing up the game servers. From now European players can enjoy Ragnarok Online distributed by 4game (Innova),” the new operators said in a press release. “We are getting ready to launch Ragnarok Online in the long awaited Revo-Classic version. Revo-Classic is the combination of the best Renewal and pre-Renewal game mechanics.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Kritika Online is still alive over in Korea, with a new class even in the works!

Pirate bases, dropships, and autocrafters are all part of Outpost Zero’s latest update!

Longwinded recently posted a new podcast with some of the creative team behind Lord of the Rings Online, so that’s a half-hour to fill your time!

What are price bands and how have the local markets been faring in Prosperous Universe? The latest dev blog for this space sim has all the details.

MapleStory M’s anniversary event is underway, and the new Phantom hero is here to make your mobile experience even better. And MapleStory proper has a big Pathfinder update coming on July 24th that includes Adventure Island, the island full of adventure.

A small patch changed how Neverwinter’s event drops work, among other things.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had its first community day yesterday! And you totally missed it, you muggle!

While EVE Online has migrated everyone over to the new 64-bit client, there is an option to revert it if it’s giving you problems.

Overwatch is bringing comics to Snapchat, and I am so not with the times because this sounds like the silliest thing ever.

Have some time for Skyforge lore? There’s a new piece up on Kir the Undying, a rather nice chap who will invite you over to tea sometime.

Old School RuneScape’s Song of the Elves update will arrive on July 25th, and you are not prepared for its awesome factor:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is gearing up for Season 4, but the cinematic retcon that’s going on has some folks concerned:

Elsword is kind of rebooting, well, everything with its Re:boot update:

The Cycle’s devs have a lot to say about how this game is progressing, including word on duo modes and bounty contracts:

Move over LOTRO! Some players spent nine years recreating Middle-earth… in Minecraft:


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What again? That’s the second time Ragnarok Europe is changing hands.

Bruno Brito

W/e, a lot of the players went to play on the private server Origins Ro.

The live rag servers are a shitshow anyway, and the closure of the EU one was kinda the camel backbreaker. Reopening is idiocy ( specially since it means people will lose their cashshop stuff ) and i’m sure the company that will manage it now won’t be any better.

Mia DeSanzo

Any word on whether or not the latest EU release of Ragnarok will involve region locking?