Albion Online outlines its plans for changes to GvG gameplay in Season 7

It's only a model.

The next season of Albion Online’s GvG battles has two goals. The first is to make it easier for guilds to actually take part in the competition across the board, and the second is to prevent a handful of huge guilds from utterly dominating the competition. Fortunately for everyone who thinks these are worthwhile goals, the game’s newest video update explains exactly what’s being done for these angles, with guild challenges being added so that taking part in PvE activities will actually award the guild with progress toward more season points and appropriate rewards.

Meanwhile, reducing single-guild dominance is being achieved through a combination of factors. Castle outposts, for example, are being added to give medium-sized guilds castle-like prizes to fight over, with the same windows of vulnerability as regular castles, thus making it less advantageous for larger guilds to fight over those instead of proper castles. It’s also going to be harder for said large guilds to move out offensively and defend captured castles, thus forcing either a split of forces or more defensive action. Check out the full video for a full rundown and explanation of these changes for the next season; you can also take a look at our thoughts about the most recent update.

Source: YouTube