PSA: Outpost Zero is available for free until July 25

And the population is...

Have you been sorely tempted by Outpost Zero but want to take it for a test drive before buying it? Well, you’re in particular luck for the next couple of days. The game is currently running a free session for everyone lasting until July 25th, so you can go ahead and play the game for free until Thursday. That’s something to look forward to at the start of the week, isn’t it?

But as the late-night television advertisements promise, there is indeed more, and in this case more is the fact that you can actually buy the game at a discount during the same timeframe. The developers are planning an update to version 1.0 after the free week ends, so if you want to try the game, hopefully enjoy it, and then hopefully wind up getting it for cheap and being very happy… well, sure, all of that is just a little optimistic, but it’s also all doable with the game as it is now. You can also take a look at MJ’s latest thoughts on the game as it stands.

Source: Steam; thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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I tried it, and I didn’t hate it, it definitely has potential but is still seemingly VERY early access… it has plenty of issues still.

Also despite playing singleplayer I was nevertheless affected by an announced server restart which perplexed me no end… not to mention it took my progress, drones and inventory contents when it happened which set me back hours.. sigh.

The game also needs to have some server options like toggling structure decay off. Singleplayer I don’t want to be spending every 20 mins fixing floors and power pylons.

The tutorial needs a metric TON of revision as it tells you practically nothing useful. Especially with regards to drone radius’s and where is good to place your based in relation to resource nodes and where is not etc.. also very frustrating that you can use pylons to reach ANY node irrespective of how far from you so long as you have power to run them BUT your drones cannot have a radius large enough to go get the contents of the nodes beyond a 1000 radius, which is just a massive p.i.t.a

Also frustrating that they have dealt with the issue of terrain and features not staying gone when you build on them, bushes, rocks, hills and trees growing up through your walls and floors is annoying.

I’ll wait, give it another look in a year or so.


Funny enough I seem to own the game and didn’t know I did. This happens for a few reasons.

The first is because I have male family members who have more extra money than I do that are excited to have a female relative that enjoys the same kind of games they do and they gift me a lot of stuff. I never ask for anything but am gifted stuff quite often by them.

I also have an ongoing subscription to Humble Monthly that keeps adding more games too that I don’t pay attention to what they are most of the time.

Other times there are sale prices I just can’t resist if I have even the slightest interest in a game and I’ll get it on a super sale and then forget it’s there.

I have a crazy Steam library that grows constantly from stuff like this and I don’t even play 5% of them. It’s nice to have the option I guess in case I ever want to :D