PSA: Outpost Zero is available for free until July 25

And the population is...

Have you been sorely tempted by Outpost Zero but want to take it for a test drive before buying it? Well, you’re in particular luck for the next couple of days. The game is currently running a free session for everyone lasting until July 25th, so you can go ahead and play the game for free until Thursday. That’s something to look forward to at the start of the week, isn’t it?

But as the late-night television advertisements promise, there is indeed more, and in this case more is the fact that you can actually buy the game at a discount during the same timeframe. The developers are planning an update to version 1.0 after the free week ends, so if you want to try the game, hopefully enjoy it, and then hopefully wind up getting it for cheap and being very happy… well, sure, all of that is just a little optimistic, but it’s also all doable with the game as it is now. You can also take a look at MJ’s latest thoughts on the game as it stands.

Source: Steam; thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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