SWTOR shows Onslaught pics, announces more free expansions for all players


This weekend’s Star Wars: The Old Republic community cantina in San Diego proved to be a font of information about this fall’s Onslaught expansion, complete with the announcement that all F2P accounts will be receiving the Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan expansions for free at the same time.

In a Twitter thread, BioWare revealed one of the key characters for the expansion, Arn, a padawan of Tau Idair who will fight for the Galactic Republic. Screenshots and concept art were shown for the key locations of Onslaught — Onderon, Mek-Sha, Corellia, and Dxun — giving fans a glimpse into some of the planets they’ll be exploring come September.

The studio also said that it’s going to activate a month-long double rewards event from July 23rd through August 20th to get players up to spec for Onslaught. Take a look at some of the screenshots, concept art, and the official splash screen for the expansion below.

Source: Twitter

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