Warframe promises a ‘special celebration’ when its Twitch channel hits 1M followers


Want to help Digital Extremes buff its Twitch channel – with the promise of something in it for you Warframe players? The studio has reminded folks that it’s still in the midst of its push to gather 1M Twitch followers. Apparently, it pulled in 100K during TennoCon (and don’t miss our coverage of that event!)

“When we hit 1 million followers, we are planning on having a very special celebration, with prizes, fun with the community and potentially some special live-streaming,” the studio teases.

Meanwhile, the latest dev roundup spells out some of the quality-of-life updates that Warframe players may have missed in the last PC update.

“RELAY REDUX – We added some QoL changes to relays to give faster elevators, as well as markers for Syndicate locations. Even more reasons for Formorians to give it a laser love-tap

UNPUNISHING FRIENDSHIP – We added some under-the-hood improvements for people with large friends lists. Now you should experience a smoother social life. Just in the game though… we can’t help you with your next job interview or anything.

PERSONAL BUBBLE – Grineer Latchers have been ‘gently’ reminded that they should be murdering Tenno, not forming long-term magical bonds with them.

BOWS UP – Mirage’s Mirrors had some upper body training and will no longer point the Cernos Prime at the floor, shooting targets as intended.

UNLESS YOU GOT POWER – Fixed an issue where K-Drives would be lost permanently if they despawned on water. Hello, McTenno? Anybody home? Think McTenno. Think.”

Source: Official site. Thanks Sophiskiai!
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In addition to the Prime Vault opening and five new colours of space-roomba, last week they also released the Quatz pistol (MR9, BP available in market) – looks good, two firing modes that both feel good to use, and an awesome reload animation that stuns nearby enemies if you do it on an empty mag:


Something in addition to a slap up side of their heads for wasting time watching people play games when they could being do so themselves?



Their devstreams provide quite interesting info about next updates and Tennocon is something special altogether. Even Ordis jokes smarter.