Wurm Online’s new launcher sees success, players throw summer party


It’s been a busy month over at Wurm Online, what with the reset of its Elevation map and the introduction of the new launcher. Since then, the team has been evaluating the performance and patching in a few fixes to make things run smoothly.

“The new launcher for Wurm has been an extremely smooth success,” the developers said, “which is absolutely awesome! We’ll be working on the bugs reported as well as getting the native launchers out for Linux and Mac.”

Meanwhile, the community is banding together for the Friendship Bay Summer Impalong next week. Wait, what is that? “Basically, it is a community event where everyone gets together to imp and cast for other folks for free! Anyone can come, anyone can help imp.” There will be prizes and a Friendship Inn and Lounge for players to enjoy.

Source: Wurm Online
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