Black Desert Online is blocking macro software in its Korean version, leading to player anxiety

No mouse for you.

All right. We can all agree that trying to cut down on hacking in Black Desert Online is a good thing, yes? So we can all agree that the Korean version’s push to prevent players from using outside macros that the designers suspect are responsible for recent hacks is a good thing. You may even agree that the decision to ban all outside macro software is also a good thing… until you note that several gaming mouse and keyboard configuration utilities also qualify under that header.

In other words, yes, you could find yourself unable to use your multi-button mouse or gaming keyboard because the software for configuring both allows you to use macros, even if you aren’t actually using any macros. Player reaction on the forums is already rather sharply alarmist, since this is an announcement that has only been made for the game’s Korean version so far, but it’s still understandable. Right idea in the broad strokes, but maybe not the right execution.

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