Dauntless squashes Trials-related bugs and offers a sneak peek at prestige rewards


It would seem that the Fortune and Glory update for Dauntless also came with Bugs and SNAFUs. Ever since the new Trials Island content landed in-game, things have been just a little bit bumpy. The good news, though, is that the devs look to be on the case.

Troubles first started cropping up the day after the update landed on the 17th, including audio cut-outs, underpowered Trials Behemoths, items from Lady Luck’s Shop being erroneously purchased, and load time issues like an infinite loading screen after character creation. The most recent update thread has outlined where the devs are in ironing out these wrinkles, with a fix for audio cuts soon to come in patch 0.9.1, identification of the issue that’s causing long matchmaking times and timeouts, and continued investigation into underpowered Behemoths. Meanwhile, the infinite load after character creation problem appears to be fixed, while those who got burned at Lady Luck’s Shop are asked to contact support for now.

On the subject of Lady Luck’s Shop, the devs are preparing some snazzy new shinies for those who are earning their spots in the Trials leaderboards. These gilded goodies will only be on offer to those who hit the Top 100 on Dauntless-level hunts and can be purchased with Gilded Marks, all of which are arriving in patch 0.9.2. For now, you can check out the covetous things at this website.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site

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Dauntless 2 when? Graphics are way too weak to take it seriously, even by today’s mobile standards – not to mention upcoming wave of 5G-reliant streaming services like Stradia and GeForce Now which will make necessary difference between mobile, PC, console graphics completely obsolete.


Considering their rather shit-tier performance I highly doubt they could even get the game running if they made it any more graphically intensive.

Hell, since the latest patch some of my friends have been getting single digit FPS even on new systems.