Rumor: Supposed expansion leak claims World of Warcraft is heading toward an Age of Darkness

Hang on, what were we doing here again?

Many World of Warcraft players are dying to know what’s the future for this fantasy MMO and don’t want to wait until this November’s BlizzCon to find out. Does this make the perfect time for the expansion rumor mill to spin up?

Find the largest grain of salt you can because there’s a purported leak making the rounds that World of Warcraft’s next expansion will be called Age of Darkness. Allegedly, this expansion will see the old god N’zoth unleash a world-covering darkness upon Azeroth that will change many zones once players have activated the storyline. Some of the expansion bullet points include the Tinker class, a level squish (with a new cap set at 60), an improved essence system, a reworked talent system, a new max-level progression system called Conquest, and a release window at the end of 2020.

Want more rumors? Sure, why not! Leading up to the expansion, the final big patch (8.3) will be focused on Sylvanas attacking Thunder Bluff and a reworked high-level Mulgore zone. Mechagnomes and Gilgoblins will join the roster as allied races, and some sort of inter-faction communication or cooperation will occur.

Obviously, not everyone’s buying it (our office staff is pretty so-so on the veracity of this rumor), especially with the original source of this rumor deleted right off 4chan. Still, it’s interesting to mull over and talk about in terms of what we’re actually expecting from the likely BlizzCon expansion announcement. What do you think?

Source: Reddit
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