A sale of company shares may have brought survival MMO Edengrad back to life

A sale of company shares may have brought survival MMO Edengrad back to life

Cast your mind back to April of 2017, when a new survival MMO hit early access after it completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. That MMO was Edengrad, which started out like most titles of its ilk until developer Huckleberry Games suddenly stopped actively working on it in December of that year. The game’s servers continued to run, but there were no major updates for several months until a single image posting in December 2018 promised that there would be more.

Now, there might be some good news on the Edengrad front in the form of a major cash infusion as first noticed by MMO Fallout. 1.5 million Zloty’s worth of Huckleberry Games shares — or about $395k USD — was sold, and that money is reportedly going right back into the MMO according to a quote found at Wyborcza.biz from company president Patryk Borowski, as Google Translated below:

“The F series issue was a very important step in the company’s history, thanks to which the company will be able to continue working on our flagship product, Edengrad, and support the development of new promising projects. companies, they believed in it and together with us they want to develop it, and in return we will provide them with new, better quality.”

The article goes on to state that Edengrad would release a “Your Own Wasteland” update which would allow players to run their own servers and modify the game to their needs. The article itself, however, was posted on June 13th and the update was slated to release that same month, yet the game’s Steam page shows no updates as of right now.

sources: Wyborcza.biz and Steam via MMO Fallout

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