AdventureQuest 3D adds aliens as a travel form option

Really, Mulder?

The aliens are coming! AdventureQuest 3D is being overrun by aliens! They’re zipping from place to place in their mysterious saucers, and they look just like player characters! Less conspiracy-minded people might say that the reason these saucers are flying around and then dropping out what appear to be player characters is that they aren’t actually aliens at all but player characters using a new travel mode form, but that’s just crazy talk.

Yes, players can indulge their alien fantasies by either picking up a permanent flying saucer travel form by spending DragonCrystals or pick up a consumable Alien Juice item to tun into one temporarily. There’s also an alien pet added for those who just can’t get enough genre crossover in AQ3D. It’s a little bit silly and weird to have this in the game, of course, but that’s one of the charms of the title in the first place, so go ahead and turn into a flying saucer to move faster if that’s your jam. You can also check out MJ’s most recent stream of the game, which is… well, not alien-related.

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