Dungeon Fighter Online adds a new advanced class for the female Mage and male Slayer


One of the more daunting choices a player of Dungeon Fighter Online can face is deciding which advanced class to select for their chosen starting class. With the recent update to the side-scrolling action MMO, things in that area have perhaps gotten a bit harder with the addition of a new choice for female Mages and male Slayers.

The male Slayer can now choose to become a Ghostblade, a revenant that toes the line between life and death and whose corrupted arm turns into a ghostly form. This new advancement grants access to several phantom-powered strikes, including several that summon a ghost to unleash damage on foes. Further, the Ghostblade can awaken to the Yaksha and Raskshasa forms with new skills to match. The female Mage, meanwhile, gets access to the Enchantress, a witch that uses dangerous plants and a number of attacks using a murderous stuffed doll. The Enchantress can later upgrade to the Black Maiden and the Hekate.

In addition to the new advanced classes, there’s also a speed-leveling event going on now until Tuesday, September 3rd, for these new classes. Players can participate by creating event-specific characters and taking them to unique fast leveling dungeons for a variety of rewards. As for the new advanced classes, all of the details for them are right here.

sources: official site (1, 2), thanks to Colton for the tip!
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