MapleStory 2’s Skilled Ally update lets veteran players earn rewards for partying with new dungeon delvers


I’ll be the first to tell you that late-game dungeons in MapleStory 2 can be fun, but also a tiny bit confusing. Thankfully, the latest update to the game will perhaps guide everyone along the path to dungeon mastery. Welcome to the appropriately named Skilled Ally update!

Here’s how it works: A player who has cleared a dungeon or raid 10 times or more is automatically flagged as a Dungeon Helper, while those who have cleared that same content nine times or less are flagged as a Dungeon Rookie. You’re also flagged a Dungeon Helper when you’re level 50 and queue up for Normal Adventure Dungeons level 49 and below. Helpers get one Dungeon Helper Coin whenever they play through dungeons with Rookies, which can be used to purchase furnishings, mounts, outfits, and more from Spartan’s Shop in Queenstown. Bear in mind, Helpers, that one Coin earning is a static number per run, not per Rookie; if you’re in a dungeon with three Rookies, you’re only getting one Coin.

That’s not the only thing being added with this update. A vast majority of Job Rank II skills are seeing adjustment and rebalancing, and there are several significant changes to the game’s housing including a variety of new free building blocks and a whopping 90% cost reduction to the cost of overworld housing plots, rent, and contract extensions. All of the information is in the patch notes.

source: press release