PlanetSide 2’s new mentoring system goes live today for PC players


I recall my very first PlanetSide 2 match. I was shown an opening cinematic about why this planet we were fighting on was important to my chosen faction, I was dropped in, and then I was summarily shot by a sniper after taking about five steps. After a few more hours of trying to figure out what the heck was going on, I immediately uninstalled and never looked back. So now that the new mentor system is live for the PC, maybe now’s a good time to take a peek. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to take six steps before being sniped.

All kidding aside, the new mentoring system added today appears to be the sort of thing to shepard new players along to becoming fighting fit. As we mentioned before, this new system is another layer on top of the existing Mentor Squad mechanic, with mentor ratings, mentor tiers, and even a chat channel for the new soldier to commiserate in. It also sounds like the new player chat channel will be heavily observed, judging by this blurb:

“We want the players who pursue Mentor Rating to be doing so for the right reason, and that is to help new players. PlanetSide 2 has a fairly violent learning curve, and the community is one of the most helpful resources new players have access to. Be respectful and helpful in these channels, as we won’t be tolerating any malicious behavior, and this can have very real implications on your account.”

The update has also brought along a number of changes to several class implants, weapons, and abilities, as well as some bug fixes. Be sure to scour the source link for all of the details.

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Feyd Darkholme

I’ve never been much of an FPS player. I played some of the classics, but modern shooters like CoD and BF I’ve pretty much avoided. I barely played the original Planetside, although the concept intrigued me. Honestly don’t get people’s hangups about this game. I’ve played PS2 since beta, and even though I’ve never been a fan of competitive shooters, I love PS2. There’s just something about the huge combined arms battles that you just cannot get anywhere else. Nothing else comes even close. I also really had no trouble figuring out the game, even strategies came easily to me. Once I got the basics down everything else just fell into place for me. I really hope this mentoring system takes off and does some actual good for the game, and teaching new people how to play Planetside 2 properly. It’s definitely not meant to be played like other shooters. It’s not a solo game. It’s not about KDR. Death is meaningless… it’s about teamwork and fighting over territory.

Dankey Kang

PS2 has a learning curve unlike any other similiar game, but once you get over it and find a good outfit then it becomes the Gentlemans club of the FPS genre. I play it once to twice a week, sometimes more when I’m binging and there is just so much to do during prime time that no other game comes even remotely close. You can play ops with a platoon and drop on a base that’s under siege to try and regain control, or you can play a solo LA and harass enemies from corners or ledges unexpected. Alternatively you can play a Medic or an Engineer and provide support to your faction if you want to take it easy.

I know it has a ton of problems but it is the only game of its genre (MMOFPS) and I don’t see any other contenders; with that said I’ll probably be playing it for years to come.


people still playing ps2?

Dankey Kang

Yes sir


Yes. There was an update that made a transition from dx9 to dx11 so the game looks and runs better now.