SoulWorker is merging all European servers into one shard


There’s a bit of a joke in the Massively OP office about how studios keep trying to top each other in coming up with the best-sounding euphemism for a straight-up server merge. SoulWorker’s own lingo of “server fusion” sounds downright awesome and strangely tasty, so score their marketing team one gold star for that effort.

But yeah, server merges are coming to the anime MMO’s European audiences. Gameforge announced this week that all of the current SoulWorker EU servers are going to be funneled into a single one on August 1st named Candus (North American players are down to a single server as well, which is called Tenebris). While this means a higher player population density, the merge also means that Italian, Polish, and Spanish translations are going poof with the move.

“Unfortunately the amount of players in SoulWorker has reduced as time has passed,” the company said. “Uniting all European players on one server is an important step in the construction of a large and active community. Removing three of the languages from SoulWorker helps us to reduce the time resource costs in translation so that we can release updates faster.”

If you’re going to be affected by this merge, you’ll want to read up on the FAQ for specifics regarding what will change and be moved over to the new shard.

Source: SoulWorker
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