Worlds Adrift will host an End of the World event before its sunset tomorrow


Worlds Adrift’s final hours are fast approaching, I’m sorry to report.

Back in May, Bossa Studios announced that it was sunsetting the game in July, chiefly because the freewheeling open-PvP sky-sailing sandbox hadn’t “captured the imagination of as many people as [it] needed to make it commercially viable.” In June, devs wiped the servers and characters and added the final patch. And as of tomorrow, the game is over.

Those who’d like to pay their final respects can do more than press F; Bossa is hosting what will apparently be a six-hour End of the World event starting at 10 a.m. EDT on Friday, July 26th. We’ll be streaming the tail end of it on OPTV tomorrow, or you can watch it on the official stream too.

Once again, our condolences to the players and designers affected by the sunset.

Source: Twitter
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