Darkfall Rise of Agon has reverted its combat system to one from over a year ago


I actually blinked when I read the patch notes for Darkfall: Rise of Agon’s update this week. It’s surprising for an MMO for make a major reversion of combat mechanics at all, let alone to mechanics that haven’t existed in the game since May of 2018 – long before this indie-backed spin-off of Darkfall went free-to-play.

Apparently, the revert is a result of a community poll and conflicts with changes to the armor system. “After a lot of discussion it has occurred to us that if we proceed with this change as-is we cannot patch any combat changes until the new armor is complete as the new balances require it and waiting for the new armor to be completed before we fix the combat isn’t fair to you, the players,” the studio wrote earlier this month.

“We also realize that after all these changes we’ll end up coming nearly full circle to where we were before with new armors added, so what we will do instead, starting this weekend, is revert the combat back to where we said we were going to after the polls. […] We will then spend time, shouldn’t be near as long as adding in new armor, to get combat back to where it use to be without the poll options like self buffs and such. Once the balance is back where the players like it we will be able to patch without requiring any new armor. At that time we will put the new armor back on PTS and adjust their values to fit the old combat, rather than making other changes to fit them. Then we can set those changes aside until the armor models are complete.”

The patch also includes tweaks to runebooks, logout timers, camping, guilds, hotbars, and crafting.


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I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little surprised this horribly mismanaged game has somehow survived in any incarnation this long.


It’s one of those games that are in permanent alpha/beta test, it launches 10 years later when everyone has forgotten about it and doesn’t care anymore and shuts down 1 month later.

I’m starting to think those indie MMOs that rely on crowdfunding are just a clever scam to get easy money out of jaded and gullible players.