New Frontier launches on Steam with the publisher that supposedly was not connected to the game

Yes, you should feel sad.

Oh boy. Oh, boy. So you all remember Wild West Online, right? Survival sandbox that launched in much the same way that having a rocket fall over and explode qualifies as a “launch?” And you remember how way, way back in the day with that game, there were rumors about the development being connected with Sergey Titov and Free Reign Entertainment? It was two years ago, so we won’t blame you if all of that has slipped your mind.

Well, it looks like those rumors have finally come home to roost with the Steam launch of New Frontier, which is literally being published by Free Reign.

If you’d forgotten about that portion of this tower of mistakes, New Frontier was the survival portion of WWO after the game was almost completely scrapped and rebranded, essentially serving as the old game but now with steampunk and monsters. And now it’s available on Steam with a publisher that the development team said was unconnected to it beyond licensing an engine. We’d tell you to save your time and money, but judging by the reviews we suspect you were probably going to do that anyhow.

Source: Steam; thanks to Kinya and Godnaz for the tip!
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