Star Trek Online may unveil its game-changing future next weekend

Yikes what

What is next for Star Trek Online? That’s the million credit question this summer, as player captains have been speculating on comments that Lead Designer Al Rivera made back in June that pointed to something rather significant.

“Next year’s story arc, its more then just a story arc, its going to change the face of the game,” Rivera said in that interview. “We are changing something significant in the game as a result of the arc we are telling.”

Now players may well find out, as the Star Trek Online crew will be present at the Star Trek Vegas convention next week. There are a few panels that the developers will participate in as well as a meet-and-greet on Sunday the 4th. One of the panels in particular promises to give an “exclusive first look” at the game’s next update, which could be the start of this game-changing year.

Source: Arc Games. Thanks Panagiotis!
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