Ashes of Creation’s team talks game design, character creation, and ‘no direct nudity’


Hoping to see some “tasteful nudity” in Ashes of Creation? That’s not going to happen, according to Intrepid Studio’s recent development update video. Neither is a tidal system, apparently, so no prowling the beach at low tide in your birthday suit.

Still, there is a lot to be gleaned from this hour-plus video in which the team focuses on talking about the engineering side of things (making Ashes of Creation run on a wide range of computers), new iterations of the minimalist user interface, updated Elven architecture, slapping armor on different body types, and the creation of four-legged dragons.

There was also a question-and-answer session in which topics such as the tides and nudity came up. Other questions involved how caravans worked, the possibility of dynamic ship destruction, the public test realm, exclusive quests, exotic weapons, and player progression. Fan site Ashes Post has a great breakdown of the livestream for those looking for the full scoop.

Source: Ashes Post

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Bryan Correll

What would “indirect nudity” be? You can only see nudity in mirrors?

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Interestingly, I got a mere 253 results from all of Google on the term “indirect nudity” with the quotes.

Answers were imprecise and ranged from implied nudity (interacting with someone you are aware is nude but you don’t see the nudity) to suggested nudity, like androids or aliens which show some of the features (breasts, bulges) but they lack defining characteristics (like nipples) and are typically stylized in a nonhuman way (they’re metal, they’re neon blue, etc.).

Unrelated, I found myself remembering a quote from Discworld: “She was aware that somewhere under her complicated strata of vests and petticoats there was some skin… but that didn’t mean to say she approved of it.” RIP Sir Terry Pratchett.

maydrock .

Wonder what ads will pop up on your browser now, haha.


My bet is that nudity is a cash shop item.