Global Chat: Ranking World of Warcraft’s expansions


Have you ever tried your hand at ranking all of World of Warcraft’s expansions from worst to best? Sure you have, because everyone’s done that at one point or another. MMO blog Amateur Azerothian took a stab at it himself, and I guarantee you that you won’t agree with 100% of it. But it’s interesting!

Cataclysm brought a lot to Azeroth, more than most expansions and that’s why it’s ranked higher than the others. It’s not like it wasn’t without it’s faults. They were there,” he wrote. “But I feel as though the expansion had enough positives that outweighed the numerous shortcomings.”

Cataclysm at number three? Hey, that kind of perspective is why it’s always a wild experience to read MMO blogs — not everyone agrees with you, and that’s OK!

Contains Moderate Peril: The pros and cons of complex lore in LOTRO

“Over the past twelve years Turbine and now Standing Stone Games have tapped into this vast wealth of lore and extrapolated it when writing the various narratives for their MMORPG. They have incorporated both the well know and the obscure. Broadly they have done this in a clever and respectful fashion.”

Altar of Gaming: The best gold farming methods in Guild Wars 2

“So obviously there are many ways to obtain gold, but everyone wants the most effective ones! This is the main purpose of this article; checking the most efficient ways of gold farming, how to do it and what does it require. We will try to make this guide as newb-friendly as possible, in order to be easy to apply for new players!”

Endgame Variable: Can I trust the trust system in FFXIV?

“If they had called it what it is, which is apparently ‘AI Party Members For Completing Main Scenario Quest Dungeons Solo,’ then boy would my ears have pricked up fast. I might have even bought the Shadowbringers expansion and played it. Alas, it’s too late now, as the launch wave of hype and the FOMO danger zone is pretty much over. Everyone has already finished the story and maxed out their mains and stopped talking about it. But I might pick it up later, when it goes on sale.”


Swordroll’s Blog: First time user experience and Wizard101’s audience

“After the release of Grizzleheim and Celestia, which were delayed for some time beyond their originally planned dates, players wondered if old worlds would get an overhaul. Developers found that fitting together their puzzle pieces for the streets was taking as long as it would to simply build a unique environment from scratch, so that’s what they started doing with those two worlds.”

Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah: Great ways for EVE Online to branch out

“The modern casino games you find online incorporate all sorts of existing franchises and themes and infuse them with gambling practices (Battlestar Galactica has its own digital slot game, for instance). This would seemingly be a fairly straightforward initiative for those behind the EVE Online franchise. It doesn’t need to be a big new game or a foray into a new medium, so much as permission for licensed material to be used in a standard slot game.”

Inventory Full: You’re not going out dressed like that in Project Gorgon

“If you browse through the Steam reviews for Project Gorgon, one thing comes up over and over again: the graphics. Comments range from the extremely negative to the grudgingly accepting. No one says they are good. Which is strange, because the game really doesn’t look bad at all, or not to my eyes. The colors are harmonious, the aesthetic is consistent and appropriate, you can tell what everything is just by looking at it. What more do people want?”

Mailvatar: Looking forward to Lost Ark

“Lifeskills! OMG, the game has lifeskills. There’s a whole talent tree that’s separate from combat stuff and solely dedicated to six different forms of gathering: herbing, fishing, mining, archaeology, woodcutting and hunting. Apparently each character can learn all of them, but I assume that if you want to get really good at one you need to specialize.”

Shards of Imagination: Shadowbringers finished!

“There were also a few things I didn’t feel like the story addressed but maybe they will explain in the patches. It is a minor thing though and I am completely fine with doing some headcanon if they never touch on the subject. Oh, and that end felt so epic and deserved after the journey we went through. Again, nothing in Final Fantasy XIV that came before felt as good as this.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I guess asking to rank WoW expansions is the same as asking rank Zelda or Final Fantasy games. Everyone have some preferences that are better served on one of those expansions, and most people would disagree on at least a position or two.

Also gaming experience depends of as much external aspects as internal ones, a bad IRL year could affect the overall experience.


I honestly don’t know what expansion i’d say is the best, wrath is one yes but was only at that time, now wrath is same as all the others really.

All i know is right now, once i hit legion i went back to actually playing the game again and not skipping through each expac for something to do while waiting for dungeon runs to pop.

I’m not even queuing up as i’m finding questing in legion much more interesting and engaging, if you can’t believe that then join the club i can’t either.

Overall people are far to critical, new sci-fi show (Another Life) on netflix totally gets slammed, to me i’m in my glory i love the show, ummm hello Sci Fucking Fi. Sure beats no scifi.

Another show arrived, well movie which makes me laugh is the Great Hack, omg people are only now becoming aware of what i’ve been preaching for well over a decade, wow, lmao, the part i love the most is the general “thought” of how we can deal with this as they use social media on their brain washing devices, i got GREAT NEWS though, i already solved this problem well over a decade ago, DON’T F’ING SIGN UP FOR IT IN THE F’ING FIRST PLACE. If you have then just delete your fucking account, wow, real tough puzzle i solved there.

Meh i don’t care if people use it, heck everyone throughout my family does except me, everyone i know does except me, everyone at work does except me, i guess the good news here is and i know some people will find this shocking but i dunno somehow i make it through everyday without it, well minus the stress of it, and the brainwashing it does, but yea outside that some fucking how? i survive, i know, i know it sounds like a sci fi movie, a fictional book or something, you know a great fit would be a Stranger in a Strange Land. :)

What is it you can live without water for like a week, food for 3 weeks or something like that but can’t go without social media for 10 seconds without feeling the need for a fix of it. Serious society issue here.

Kickstarter Donor

I 100% agree on the WoW expac ranking from Amateur Azerothian. Nail on the head with that one.


My expansion ranking would be: LK > BC > Legion > MOP/BFA > Cata > WoD

IronSalamander8 .

For me it would be LK->BC->Legion->MoP->Cata->WoD->BfA->Vanilla.

Lich King was where discipline was a blast for me to play, all my long term MMO friends were playing together, and I love the setting of LK as WC3 was a great game and the scourge have always been my favorite WoW foe.

When WoW was in beta I gave it try and went right back to EQ and CoH, my main games for years, and while I did play enough before BC launched to get my main to 60, it still felt like simplified EQ with goofy graphics (although EQ1 always looked bad to me, even with the Luclin updates, at least it didn’t look like a bad cartoon).


Was listening to Countdown to Classic and he had on Brad McQuaid for an interview talking about Pantheon.

What i’m hearing is amazing too much to get into, should give it a listen it was the last cast last week.

The questionnaire topic alone is fucking brilliant! Which then makes me think hey maybe this might work out pretty good for me in that yea it’s going to be more old school but i really can’t throw truckloads of time at a game like that anymore, but fuck me do they sound on track, awake to the world we live in, and are creating a world for us to escape to which can fit this modern life.

Pantheon has never fallen off my radar, always planned on checking it out, but was hard not to think that i doubt it’ll work being so group centric, meaning a inordinate amount of time, and yea the questionnaire, brilliant!

He’s right in my 4 years in EQ2 i have 40o years of legendary stories and unforgettable experiences, where all modern mmorpg’s combined i dunno got a couple minutes lol.

Chosenxeno .

He has the right expansion at number one. Sigh. WTF am I going to do with all these pitchforks and Torches? 🤔

Danny Smith


BfA is bad because of design choices but it is at least a finished product. Cata lacked content but its content that was there was great. Warlords was straight up not finished. Quests that went nowhere, people falling through the world for months without fixes, storylines that changed suddenly or didn’t occur at all. The entire last minute gorgrond redesign making cut content like Doomhammers stand out even more. It was a nice looking world but felt like a really linear AA action rpg and not the same level of quality as any other expansion. I’ll dunk on BfA’s ‘designed by mobile gamers for mobile gamers, woops thats not the audience’ design problems but warlords charging a sub fee for trashran, garrison afksim 2k14 and the most boring raids in the last decade was a actual rip off.

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Technically I think each WoW expansion has been better than the one that went before it.
Objectively, some expansions have problems because the replace old features with new ones that are only slightly better than what went before and bring a new set of problems. Rather than getting players excited with “Yay, things are slightly better” the net reaction is “Boo, your new system has failings and you got rid of the old system that we knew.”
TL:DR. If you need to replace a major feature it has to be a lot better, otherwise you are just requiring players to adapt to a new set of flaws.

Robert Mann

I can only rate where I was. So… BC>Vanilla>LK>Cata>MoP. Reasoning:

BC was Vanilla 2.0, with very few negative additions. It smoothed out the classes to all be viable, made some good additions and changes, and brought plenty of varied content options. LK was good for the most part, but had a few major flaws, including major content problems for a fair number of people (although the lack of attunement was good), especially in certain instances where, for the first time I can remember, there was a hiatus called with my group due to certain content and people not wanting to reroll mains to avoid the problem. Cata was fine for instanced content for those who like less cakewalk, and I enjoyed that, but it had a lot of other issues including some of the worst writing until MoP came along and some really poor choices with the world revamp. Emo dragon still wants mommy. MoP went far off into the realm of “Yeah, you are an idiot” in game, and the lack of any ability to avoid certain story elements actually resulted in many people simply not continuing the story. At least the ‘enemy’ of the expansion wasn’t as annoying by default as Cata.

That’s where I ended, so I cannot judge the entirety of MoP. The combination of a certain story element that was just too obvious and yet did not allow us any agency, alongside out of game elements, was my last straw scenario.

Grim? Darhk

……That’s arguably the worst list I’ve ever read, and it feels like it’s written by someone who barely played the damned game. I think the clincher for me was “I wish I had gotten to run Siege of Orgrimmar.” Nah. Nope.