Outlaws of the Old West has wiped again with its new traveling merchant patch


We’ve been keeping an eye on Snail Games’ “massively multiplayer survival MMOOutlaws of the Old West since its original announcement this past spring, and I think it’s fair to say that one of the constants during this early access period has been wipes. The latest patch brings another one. But hey, you knew that was coming when you signed up for early access, right?

“With the 1.2.6 patch update, we will also be wiping all Official Servers in order to address the overall balancing issues since the last wipe,” Snail writes. “We’ve paid attention to all of your feedback and reports, which have been integral in our efforts to fine tune the Outlaws experience, and feel that a server wipe will be the best course of action at this stage.”

There’s a bit of content in the patch too, however, including new wandering merchants that sell cooking items and tools, fixes to trains and wagons, and new options of horses. Worth noting is that the game is currently 30% off on Steam:

We checked out the game back in March, finding the earliest stage of early access amusing but in need of more social activity and progression direction.

Source: Steam
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