A 16-year-old kid took Fortnite’s World Cup this weekend, pocketing $3M

We don't mean anything bad!

You know video games have arrived when esports is being covered on the front page of CNN, right? Such was the case last night, when 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf trounced the solo competition at Fortnite’s World Cup in New York City to take home a $3M grand prize. That’s the most money a single competitor has won at an esports event – ever.

Wanna feel old? The second-place winner, who took home nearly $2M in prize money himself, said he was “representing the old dudes” in a “young man’s game.” He’s 24.

Here’s some fun schadenfreude: Remember the two pro Fortnite players caught cheating back in May, thereby losing their qualifying spots? After their temporary bans lifted, they managed to play their way back into a qualifying spot in the World Cup all over again. But apparently, the crowd wasn’t having it, repeatedly booing the duo’s successes and cheering their losses. Don’t feel too sorry for them; their 28th place finish still netted them $100K.

Source: CNN, Polygon
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