Dauntless rolls over a vast number of bugs in the most recent patch


When last we peered in on Dauntless, things were rather buggy, though there were some things that could be mitigated. As of patch 0.9.1, however, most of those bugs look to have been handled.

Repairs include a fix for audio drop-outs on console, improved performance, a fix that lets players actually move past the character creation screen, and the end of erroneous purchases from Lady Luck’s shop among others. Unfortunately, a new bug appears to have popped up in the form of a complete game crash on console for a small number of players. If you’re one of those players experiencing this issue, there is a workaround.

The patch also provided a couple of unique features to Dauntless as well, including the ability to preview Behemoth loot from the airship lobby as well as find out what it takes to make said items, the ability to remove Cells from gear without swapping, and a new Retry button for Trials to let you re-enter matchmaking to try again if you fail, though if my PUG experience is anything to go by, people will just ragequit instead.