Here’s how Neverwinter’s appearance system is changing with Uprising next month


Wardrobe, costumes, outfits, A-tab, cosmetics, transmog: Whatever you call it, most serious MMOs have some kind of system that separates a character’s visual appearance from its gear stats, and when Uprising launches in Neverwinter in just a few weeks, it’s due for a big revision to its appearance system.

“The big change is that equipment’s appearance and colour is now defined per slot instead of per item,” PWE explains in its latest dev blog. “In the old system, you destroyed Item A and up to three dye items to change the appearance and colour of item B. But when you outgrew Item B, or just wanted to equip something else, you had to repeat the process and use up more items to give the new thing the same look. And dyeing all your stuff red took a lot of dye!”

Instead, however you’ve dyed your gear slot, any gear you drop into that slot (or associated appearance slot) will take on that color. The appearance tab is getting an overhaul too.

“There is a new Appearance tab in your character window. We’ve moved everything that affects your in-world appearance to this new tab, and changed how things work there too. In the Appearance tab, you do not use items directly from your inventory. You convert inventory items into “Appearance Library” items. This destroys it as an equippable/tradeable/sellable inventory item, but lets you use it as an appearance override option as many times as you want. Once you convert it, it is available in your Appearance Library permanently. This also applies to fashion items. You have to convert them into Appearance Library items, then use them in the Appearance tab.”

Do note that all existing fashion items you’ve got stashed will be converted into your appearance library come launch. Check out the whole blog on the official site!

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Ben Stone

Neverwinter is a game I could really love if it wasn’t for the predatory end game monetisation.

Dug From The Earth

These are all good changes to what was once a really restrictive system.

Im all for removing hurdles that get in the way of fun.


A bit like FFXIV in this regard, too

Bruno Brito

Took a while to make them have the same system Wildstar had.


And here I was hoping that those painfully outdated character models were getting a refresh

Baron von Munchausen

A running animation that doesn’t look like you’re trying to air out your armpits would be nice too. But then I’ve never seen a Cryptic game that knew how to animate characters as if they’re actually interacting with the ground. :( And I like their games, more or less.