MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Perfect World Mobile, Virtuverse, Eventyr, Pixie Hollow, and Reign of Guilds

For chickens.

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles you’ve probably never heard of (or at least have entirely forgotten about!).

Up first: Perfect World Mobile. Remember when it was announced way back in 2018? And then it rolled out in China? Now it’s coming westward too. As reported by MMO Culture, the game is supposed to be a “faithful” version of the game with classic content, including the flight system. You can preregister on Android now.

Here’s one we’ve never covered but first picked up from Reddit: Virtuverse. It’s a Game Incubator-backed title with episodic sci-fi content, multiple persistent worlds, an an open economy that seems to link to real money. Here are the devs explaining the economy in their post announcing alpha:

“In Virtuverse players will be able to get ‘credits’ from other players through services, trading and free-to-play actions. These credits tradable back and forth between a real-world currency at a pinned rate. Under the hood, most actions within Virtuverse use credits and a tiny fraction of those are consumed by the system as players go about their activities. This tiny fraction is then accumulated and a portion of it gets recycled back into the community in the form of in-game world event prizes and the other portion stays in the system and goes towards business costs. We’ve chosen this way of monetizing the game as it lets us focus more on building engaging gameplay that encourages players to play the game: instead of putting up roadblocks or painful grinds to encourage players to get out their credit card to ‘pay for convenience’.”

We’ve never covered Eventyr either, but it’s also still in production, now in a pre-alpha state with a Patreon to support it. Do note the dev’s had a few run-ins on the MMORPG subreddit so far, so maybe just watch and wait on this one.

Pixie Hollow isn’t just the name of the home of Tinkerbell and her friends; it’s also a 2008 kids MMO that Disney closed down back in 2013. And it’s back in the form of (at least) a couple of rogue servers. One’s called The Pixies and operates out of Discord; the other seems to be called Pixie Hollow 2018. I’ve been led down some weird rabbit holes and through some odd fairy doors trying to track this one down, but folks seem understandably shy about provoking Disney over this one, so I’m going to just leave it at that.

Finally, we come to Reign of Guilds, an old-school hardcore MMO with open PvP. It’s recently updated its public roadmap as it rolls onward toward alpha.

Have an idea for an obscure MMO that needs to be put on people’s radars? Drop us a tip!

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