Yuri joins Task Force Sword & Girls in the latest update to Closers


I know I said this last time, but seriously, can someone make “Task Force Sword & Girls” an actual, full anime please? The title alone just sounds awesome. As for the actual Task Force Sword & Girls team in Closers, there’s a new member in the form of Yuri, along with a new system to help players chase premium items and a number of events in the latest update to the side-scrolling action MMO-lite title.

As with other such updates, having your Yuri join the Task Force will grant the character new skills and other thematic goodies. There’s also a new Cross Material Conversion system added that looks to help players nail down the sort of premium items they need. It evidently is done with something that looks like a public washing machine, and just like a public washing machine, this system costs money; specifically, tickets that can be purchased only with EMP.

The new Closers update also increases the server-wide XP and Item Find bonuses to 30% for the ongoing Sun’s Out, Guns Out event, and adds another round of the usual crafting and login events centered around the summer season and Yuri’s addition to Sword & Girls. All of the specifics can be found in the patch notes

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As a girl, I feel I’d do much better with a gun than a sword (though I know anime isn’t realistic or anything so babies and kittens could use swords there without issue).

Oh wait, you said Sword (singular) & Girls, does that mean there’s like a living sword floating alongside the girls? Or there are guys there and one is wielding a sword, and the other guys are wielding girls? I don’t know, just throwing wild guesses :D

The task force is made up of a single sword and then a number of girls, maybe they all swing it together? Is it a magic sword they all share and go out one at a time? One uses it and the rest are backup?