Another World of Warcraft expansion ‘leak’ surfaces, this one called Shadowlands


‘Tis the season for crazy — or perhaps not-so-crazy — World of Warcraft expansion rumors, apparently. Hot on the heels of a recent “leak” of an expansion named Age of Darkness, another one is making the rounds called Shadowlands.

What’s interesting with this one is that it contains what looks like an early version of a map and a semi-official looking logo. According to the purported leaked assets and details, Shadowlands will feature the rise of the Black Empire in Azeroth thanks to the machinations of N’Zoth and his cronies. This expansion concept features two main regions — the Dragon Isles and the titular Shadowlands — and a storyline that seems to be inspired by Greek mythology.

Other features on tap include the Tinkerer DPS class, a Vestiges of Power talent system, a champion system (read: recruit old heroes), and some sort of new tech to replace stat squishing.

Of course, this being an unconfirmed leak, you should treat it with a healthy dose of skepticism and use it for entertainment purposes only. Unless it turns out to be true, in which case… hm!

Source: ENUK
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