Bandai Namco says it has ‘no plans’ to release Blue Protocol in the west ‘at the moment’


Ever since Bandai Namco announced anime MMO Blue Protocol earlier this July, MMO fans have been champing at the bit for more info as it gathered players across the pond for closed alpha – we’ve seen character creation vids and the trailer too. But it doesn’t look as if the game is headed westward any time soon. That’s according to the admin of the Blue Protocol subreddit:

“I’ve just received word from Bandai Namco that they have no plans for a western release at the moment. However, they also said that ‘this is subject to change’, so there is still a chance that Blue Protocol will hit the western market in the future.”

As Redditors noted, the same was once true of Phantasy Star Online 2 as well, and that’s headed our way finally. So maybe don’t hold your breath, but don’t lose all hope either. And in the meantime, you can zone out to some of the music tracks.

Source: Reddit
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