Heroes of the Storm introduces its second original character with Qhira

Come on, guys, we have at least ONE of these characters, right?

It’s time for another character to roll into Heroes of the Storm, and once again she’s an original character who has appeared in no other Blizzard games. This time, it’s Qhira, a bounty hunter with a whip-blade weapon who serves as a mobile assassin capable of numerous tricks with the aforementioned chain-sword. She’s also a survivor of the conflict that turned the world of HotS into… well, what it is now, for those of you who have an investment in the lore.

Qhira’s basic trait allows her to snap out a grappling line, pulling her quickly to a target object or enemy as needed; she also sports a variety of tricks like straight-line attacks that pierce multiple targets, grappling on to an enemy hero and spinning around them to deal damage, and lashing her blade in an area to deal ongoing damage. Check out her ability preview just below for a sense of how she’ll play.

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Grim? Darhk

Original Character, Do not steel.