Kickstarted MMO Temtem overhauls critter breeding in its latest alpha update


Among 2018’s Kickstarter triumphs relevant to MMO players was Temtem, a Pokemon-inspired “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure,” which raised over half a million bucks on the platform and then proceeded to actually roll out an alpha and make preorders happen this summer. It’s like a real game or something – who knew?

The backers knew! And this week they’ve been treated to another patch to the ongoing alpha, an inbetweener that implements breeding, a quest tracker to help folks manage their copious side quests, the new emote system, post-campaign rewards, new Luma species, new music, UI improvements, and so forth. We really need to make sure MJ never sees this update fam because the breeding system is super elaborate.

“Breeding is the process used to create new Temtem from Eggs. If two Temtem are compatible, putting them together in the Breeding Center will create a new Egg. Eggs will eventually hatch into a new Temtem and they will be able to inherit some characteristics from their parents.”

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You just never know what games are going to make it and keep their promises. Because of that many of us don’t pay a lot of attention to earlier Kickstarter pitches anymore.

This one looks to be coming along nicely and also seems really interesting to boot. It’s definitely something I’m wish-listing on Steam to give a go when it’s got more development done.