Multiplayer crafter game Main Assembly will hit early access this year


When I first skimmed the press release for upcoming multiplayer crafting game Main Assembly, my first thought was that we’re being trained as workers for the upcoming robotpocalypse, which may indeed still be true, but this is a legit game all the same. Swedish studio Bad Yolk announced today that the title will launch for Steam early access “later this year” (Steam says Q4). It’s not a pure MMO, as it offers both single-player and online multiplayer, but it’s one to keep an eye on if you’re into tinkering.

“In Main Assembly take on the role of a drone with the ability to design and build robots for your everyday needs! Create unique ways to overcome various challenges in single-player or jump into the Sandbox where you can craft and play alone or with other players. Challenge yourself and your friends to create the most exciting looking robot using a freeform crafting tool and modular parts, and then control them through powerful visual programming. You can also customize your robots by changing the colour palette and drone cosmetic accessories for that personal touch.”

Seems as if being a robot is a big thing right now, yeah? Full launch is expected in late 2020 with a “more refined and smoother crafting experience” plus “additional crafting tools and more parts to unleash even crazier creations, more challenge levels to overcome and sandbox levels to play around in.” Check out the trailer down below.

Source: Press release, Steam

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maydrock .

Interesting for sure, but the skeptic in me wins out for now. Establish persistence with no major changes in scope,and I’ll have my people contact their people.


Giving me Hows Its Made vibes and im loving it.