New Frontier updates former Wild West Online players on its relationship to Free Reign Entertainment

Why. Does. Your. Breath. Smell. Like. Birdseed?

Ah, those delirious moments when every new set of answers about the state of a game’s publisher just leads to a new set of baffled questions. Case in point, New Frontier, formerly Wild West Online, now apparently under new management. A new post on the official WWO Facebook page reiterates that Free Reign Entertainment really didn’t have anything to do with the development of WWO, but after that game failed, now Free Reign is in charge of New Frontier and that’s why the game changed names.

All right, then.

The development is now promised to be “continuous” with the new title, with former WWO players being compensated for the time and money spent in the prior game with a bonus currency allotment for players who return to the game between July and August. It’s been a weird, weird road so far with this title, and it looks like it’s going to keep being weird for a while longer.

Source: Facebook
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