Sandbox MMO Boundless just got a massive post-launch farming update


It’s been entirely too long since we checked in on Boundless, the Square-Enix backed voxel interplanetary survival-crafting MMO that hit Steam late last year, so we’re correcting that now! Just a few weeks ago, developer Wonderstruck rolled out a huge patch with an epic new feature, at least for people who love nature but can’t be bothered with all the dirt, bugs, and the daystar trying to kill you all the time. I’m talking about farming!

“The day we’ve all been waiting for is here – the Harvest Era is upon us! This is by some distance our most significant single update to Boundless since release, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all,” the devs write. “Farming is, on a very reduced level, about sowing and harvesting different types of Crop. Of course, there’s more to the system than fields of wheat, and the Boundless version of farming has some very cool and unique angles that we think you’ll enjoy.”

Players will be planting all the usual (and exotic) types of organic crops, plus inorganic fuel crops and goo pigments, along with trying their hand at the new tools, irrigation systems, liquid placement, and yes, painting with said goo. The game is currently on sale for $27.99, 30% off, on Steam through August 9th, and I need it.

We last streamed the game during its free-play week in February; you can check out impressions below!

Source: Steam
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