Black Desert adds new instruments for the Shai and kicks off the Mysteries of Summer event


It’s Wednesday, and that makes it patch day for Black Desert’s PC version. As promised, Kakao has pushed out the Shai’s new talent set that’s meant to be the equivalent of her Awakening weapon, giving her a suite of new instrument to play and be hypercute with. Apparently, the three instruments previously revealed (Tring, Tute, and Tamtam) were combined into a single skill, the Sol.

“Now Shai can give strength and courage to her friends with her instruments,” the patch notes declare. “As we designed Shai’s talent, we focused on differentiating it from the ‘Awakening’ of the existing characters and on creating a unique charm for Shai. We believed that by maintaining such basis, we could enhance Shai’s quality as a special character. We hope Shai becomes a valuable character through which you can enjoy Black Desert, among all other ways of enjoying the game. Though Shai may differ from other characters in terms of efficiency in certain situations such as battles, her unique strengths will offset such a difference. We will continue doing our best to show you a new fun side of the game through Shai, whose charm you haven’t ever seen in the game.”

Pearl Abyss notes that it’s still seeking feedback on the development of unique classes like the Shai and promises to keep working on her.

Meanwhile, the Mysteries of Summer event has returned to the game.

“Since last week, players could follow 8 elemental-themed questlines to unravel the Mysteries of Summer and to get ready for this week’s brand-new 9th questline. Here, players will get to experience A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom that will conclude this year’s edition. Players can win fantastic prizes if they are one of the first to complete the full Mysteries of Summer challenge. This challenge is heavily inspired by Steven Spielberg’s popular film Ready Player One, where inhabitants of a virtual reality game hunt for Easter eggs. The race to unravel the new quest will start globally for all regions. Those who wish to take on this challenge should watch out for useful hints that will be available on the official forums.”

What’s in it for you? Prizes including Horse Emblem: Nightmare Arduanatt and 150 000 pearls for the fastest players, a special pink-colored in-game title “Soul,” and Advice of Valks +70 and a Fine Accessory Box II for everyone who jumps in.

Our recurring Black Desert column, Desert Oasis, will be up later this afternoon, so stay tuned!

Source: Patch notes, press release
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