Final Fantasy XIV prepares for another round of the Moonfire Faire starting August 7

Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

Players might be fighting for the fates of two worlds in Final Fantasy XIV, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time for fun in the sun with the latest round of the annual Moonfire Faire. Did you expect that this would involve some form of summer garb and antics taking place in Costa del Sol? Congratulations, you’ve been playing the game for the past several years! Now smile politely and accept your painted namazu mask and tabi.

Aside from the annual reward outfit (which does include the aforementioned items along with new tops and other masks), players will be able to pick up a new pair of outdoor furnishings with a wind chime stall and a portable wading pool. There are no details on what players will actually need to do, although “fry up some potatoes” seems like a consistent and predictable requirement. Regardless, players will have until August 26th to pick up everything they’d like from the annual summer celebration once it rolls into town.

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Plus there’s a mention of a reworked “Eorzean Nimble Warrior course” so there looks to be another round of jumping between platforms, with likely a super difficult tower to climb for screenshots and “bragging” rights.