Lord of the Rings Online gets swamped with its next update


While it’s not a major content update, Lord of the Rings Online’s 24.2 patch promises to deliver a nice slice of adventuring fun as well as a brand-new dungeon feature for Hobbit munchkins (is that redundant?).

The update, which is currently on the test server, opens up a new region in the Vales of Anduin and continues the storyline of this high-level zone. “A rock slide in the Vales of Anduin has opened up the Gladdenmere high above the Gladden Fields,” the team posted. “Radagast now seeks answers to the mysterious shades encroaching upon the low-lands from that mysterious mountain lake.”

There’s also a new “interlude” quest in the swamp that Standing Stone Games said is a prologue for the expansion to come later this year. Other aspects being tested include several adjustments to the Captain class (including several buffs) and a “scion difficulty system” for dungeons that adds the option for extra-challenging enemies and better rewards.


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I’m looking forward to playing the new content in a couple years.

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Tobasco da Gama

Some day I’ll finally drag my ass out of Mordor and experience some of this new content that actually looks interesting.


Some day I’ll finally drag my ass out of Rohan and experience some of this new content that actually looks interesting!

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Rohan was such a burn out for me. I’ve only managed to get all the way through it the first time around when it was the latest/current expansion. I’ve got two characters currently that should be in Rohan but I’ve been delaying.

I did boost one character a few years ago because I had a free boost sitting unused and so he bypassed Rohan but I ended up going back through there a bit to fix travel issues and clean up his quest queue/log.

Basically I totally empathize with the “finally drag my ass out of Rohan” frame of mind. :)