Star Wars: The Old Republic talks about the visual direction of Onderon


Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s incoming Onslaught expansion is certainly bringing lots of new things to the table, and one of those is the planet Onderon, which fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 might recognize. In an in-house interview with art director Carrie Meade, we’re getting a little sneak peek at the aesthetic delights that will await players when they arrive to the new zone.

According to Meade, Onderon will be a deep jungle planet with caves and a lake to explore, but will also have at some civilization in the form of a city and the Onderon Palace. Visually speaking, the designers had lots of existing material to draw from, be it from the design of the game’s version of Yavin-4 or the location of Onderon from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. The creation of Onderon also allowed the devs to try a few new things, including a modular approach to city building to add variety.

While the interview is generally fluffy as one would expect from something in-house, it does have some nice insight and lovely art to look at, so checking the full post isn’t quite wasted time.


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While we’re talking SWTOR, Chris — has anybody else noticed that they appear to have changed Tau Adair’s likeness in their promotional art recently? She’s the Jedi first introduced to Republic players with the Ossus content.

I’ve attached the original art for Adair’s likeness below, which still exists on some of the website pages.

The promotional art for the upcoming expansion on the game launcher appears to have been recently altered, however.

I saw the newer image maybe a week ago(?), and it was clearly the original Tau Adair then.

Now, it looks like somebody has Photoshopped a different face onto the neck of the original figure. Call it “generic supermodel hottie face”, I suppose? See below.

Was there some sort of problem with whomever originally inspired Adair’s look? And if they were going to alter the art, why do such an obvious “paint-over” alteration job?

Very strange …

Mikey's Bored

I think they were just trying to go for a different facial expression, and it is drawn in a different angle.

Kickstarter Donor

Like I was saying, though, I saw the second image the day the expansion was announced for September, and I remember Adair’s face as being more the original look.

I think the second artwork has been altered — buy hey, maybe my brain cells have just decided to gang up and play a trick on me.



Are you saying those are the same images with a different head? I haven’t seen the sources so I don’t know. But there are other obvious differences. It looks to me like it’s the same character. She clearly has more hair on the right side of her head in the top image too, for example.


Small typo in the article. Onderan in place of Onderon.