Star Wars: The Old Republic talks about the visual direction of Onderon


Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s incoming Onslaught expansion is certainly bringing lots of new things to the table, and one of those is the planet Onderon, which fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 might recognize. In an in-house interview with art director Carrie Meade, we’re getting a little sneak peek at the aesthetic delights that will await players when they arrive to the new zone.

According to Meade, Onderon will be a deep jungle planet with caves and a lake to explore, but will also have at some civilization in the form of a city and the Onderon Palace. Visually speaking, the designers had lots of existing material to draw from, be it from the design of the game’s version of Yavin-4 or the location of Onderon from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. The creation of Onderon also allowed the devs to try a few new things, including a modular approach to city building to add variety.

While the interview is generally fluffy as one would expect from something in-house, it does have some nice insight and lovely art to look at, so checking the full post isn’t quite wasted time.

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