Grab an Astellia Online CBT2 key and play for a chance to win a shiny new Razer laptop

Beta fish.

If you need a little extra incentive to take part in the second closed beta for Astellia, how does the offer of a new laptop grab you? Players can enter to win a new Razer Blade laptop along with various other Razer peripherals by entering tickets into the game’s beta raffle. And how do you enter the raffle? Well, by playing and hitting milestones, naturally. What, did you think you’d get in by staring really hard at the website?

Of course, keys are still being handed out via multiple venues (including ours right here in this post!) for people who haven’t prepurchased yet, and purchasing doesn’t increase your odds of winning. You can score up to three tickets for the raffle: one by logging in, a second by reaching level 50, and a third by simply stepping into Avalon – that’s the battlefield being tested this round. Obviously this all requires some time commitment, but hey, if you’re already enjoying yourself, the chance at a new laptop is a nice potential bonus.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab a beta key to get in there and play!

get your key

227 keys left!

Here’s how to redeem your code:

1) Create account at
2) Verify account through email
3) Sign in
4) Locate “My Account” button in upper right (next to Buy Now)
5) Click “Coupon” button, or navigate to your account page and click
the tab labeled “Coupon”
6) Enter code and hit redeem now, you are now activated

There is no NDA for this round of the beta, and it’s live right now until Tuesday, August 6th.

Do be aware that this giveaway, like this version of the game, is open only to players in North America and Europe. These keys will not work for the game versions hosted in Asia and CIS territories. Additionally, if you picked up a key from us for CBT1, you do indeed need a separate key for CBT2, so grab one up! (If you have a founder pack, then you’re already in and you don’t need a key from us at all.)

The laptop promotion lists additional requirements for eligibility, so make sure you read up on those.

Having problems with the captcha not working? Try an alt browser or clear your cache. And finally, hang on to your code! If you lose it after all of our keys are given out, we cannot retrieve it for you.

Good luck and have fun!


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Need ur “Need ur Blood” Blood

Unfortunaly I got this message: “The coupon code is invalid, please try again.
” :(

Need ur “Need ur Blood” Blood

Mb I just remembered that the cbt has ended already

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Thx for the keys. Unfortunately, I got this message:
Verification email has been sent, please check your email inbox.

And I got the email long time after that, with this line:
Please Note: This link will expire in 10 minutes, please complete your registration before the time expires.

Great move! after three times, I give up.

If anyone wants the key, let me know (although there are +400 here and thousands in other mmo pages).

As I wait for the mail, I read the forums and we have another korean game that came without the ability of changing a line of the game:

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Thanks for the chance, MOP. I went in there and found the sexualized female “pets” summoned straight from the realm of male gaze extremely creepy.


Sigh… That sounds disappointing. I’ll probably try the game out for myself to see but that kind of crap is beyond outdated and ridiculous.

I’d rather that there weren’t much for sexualization of females at all and that they’d work on cute and awesome looking armor for all female characters, summoned or not. All I’m looking for is equality though, so if we had little sexualized males in skimpy thongs we could summon I’d be fine with it :P

In a way it would actually even make more sense to summon little naked fairies than to summon them with sexualized clothing, like they’re choosing to wear bikinis for battle and stuff. Maybe they’re summoned from the plane of Beach Planet or something :P

I get that the rest of the world is behind the West in regards to this kind of stuff but I’m also sick of just being a hypocrite and playing anyway while complaining. It all depends on how good the rest of the game is really and if there is a cool story to follow etc.

Either way I got to test it to see for myself if it’s too much to “bare” (misspelling on purpose :P haha) or something that is optional etc.


Thankyou MOP and Co


lol, better than Bless? its the same fucking game, same chain quests, same story. wtf are you smoking?


It’s better than Bless in being worse. xD


For what it’s worth, it didn’t feel very much like Bless. Bless was awful in many ways. Astellia, on the other hand, was just really really bland. It’s remarkable in how unremarkable it is. Bless will be remembered for being bad. Astellia likely won’t be remembered at all.


Honestly it feels like I’m playing a 2009 mmo in 2019….


It’s worth trying.
Way better than Bless was, if that’s your concern.
I think it’d be a good filler MMO, if you’re taking a break from other games or waiting for the next big thing.

I liked the visuals and the combat was decent, but you do wait a lot on ability timers, watching your animations. It’s a pretty good option for a casual player. I only played the starter part, no dungeons, pvp, etc. yet.

I liked the little “easter egg” treasure chests you can find scattered about each zone. That’s a nice touch.

Not sure how I’d feel about the Astel system, if I played longer…I kinda ignored them…I guess I could keep ignoring..?


The game will be the same failure as Bless, I wonder if it will shut down faster though.


I doubt that.
I had a much better playing experience than I did with Bless.
I could see it being comparable to Riders of Icarus, so not a huge hit, but a modest niche success.

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Front row seat to the latest dumpster fire? Sure, why not.