Dark Age of Camelot celebrates summer, adds item search tool


It’s not a cruel summer for Dark Age of Camelot — but it is a competitive one. Those looking for a relaxing holiday experience should look elsewhere, as this RvR game is lighting up rivalries to see which realm will turn in 150 Midsummer Celebration quests the fastest to earn special rewards. Then it gets really nuts, what with a dark dragon capturing various keeps and everyone rushing in to kill it and fireballs scorching the night sky and screams of the vanquished and shouts of triumph and frantic calls for aid over factional chat.

When you’re done killing — or, more likely, dying — you can head over to the official site to check out the brand-spanking new item search tool that Broadsword just launched. “The item search tool is nearly complete as is but we’ll be adding even more bells and whistles,” the studio said on Twitter. “Please let us know what you think and have fun digging up those items!”

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