Fallout 76 patches in a week of meat and previews upcoming content


Has Fallout 76 fixed enough bugs from its previous patches to get players excited about the Meat Week event? Reddit opinions on that seem to be about fifty-fifty, which means that it’s time to steam on ahead and bring on the week of meat. Get in there to help a rather large lad cook up some meat in a way that is decidedly unsafe, and reap the benefits in two repeatable events that award you cosmetic items and currency for rewards.

Players can also tune in to hear the Nuclear Winter trailer cover of “Ring of Fire,” likely appropriate as you’re hunting critters for a barbecue. There’s also the usual assortment of bug fixes, ranging from power armor decals and headlamps displaying incorrectly to fixing the C.A.M.P. budget costs for producing fertilizer. While players have still listed bugs that have not been fixed, it’s still a bunch of stuff; if you can overlook the outstanding issues, you’ve got stuff to enjoy in the patch.


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Meat week? Someone tell Rick Perry about this, his collegiate experience with the topic will surely make this of interest to him!