Leyou states it has plans for both Transformers Online and Civilization Online

Well, this blows.

Remember Leyou? It’s the same company that’s working on a new Lord of the Rings title in concert with Amazon, you know. Turns out that the Chinese outfit isn’t stopping there; in a move that could be described perhaps best as far-reaching, the company already has announced plans at Chinajoy 2019 for two additional games in the form of Transformers Online and Civilization Online. Yes, we’ve heard of both of those titles before, but neither of these games is supposedly connected at all to previous incarnations.

Transformers Online is slated as an online FPS, while Civilization Online promises to be an MMORPG of some sort. The former title has been used in the past by Tencent, while the latter was used by XLGAMES, but it doesn’t appear these projects are based on either of those foundations. We’ll have to see what, if anything, comes out of these particular new titles over the next several months.

Source: MMO Culture

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I’ve been nothing but bemused by the multitude of mobile Transformers games over the years, but yet to be fully satisfied. Maybe Leyou can charm me with their take on it (without melting my phone and eating all its storage!). :D

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Hope Civilization fairs better than Age of Empires Online. But I doubt it. Looks like Civ Online had a beta in Korea at some point but it’s English website is a single page touting the essentials of gaming: Dewey eyed maiden with side boobs.

Thankfully (she says hoping everyone understands this is with an unmistakable note of sarcasm), some things don’t change.

Hikari Kenzaki

One can hope these are well thought out games and not just slapping an IP on a game and calling it good. I’m less inclined to believe it though.


I would love to see a proper transformers online

I could see a game also like Marvel Heroes gameplay could work well for Transformers franchise. Not sure if FPS would be good enough.

Civilization is also another favorite