Neverwinter’s Uprising raid is ‘some of the most challenging’ ever added to the game


If you’re a raider, Neverwinter’s upcoming Tower of the Mad Mage is going to be your jam. It’s the 10-man trial launching with Uprising later this month, sending you and your besties to take down Halaster, lord of Undermountain, and take all his loot – or die trying to pick up legendary lionheart weapons.

“Defeating Halaster will be no simple task: the trial features an entry item level requirement of 24,000, and you’ll need every level,” Cryptic and PWE warn. “The Tower of the Mad Mage is some of the most challenging content we have ever introduced. Surviving will require group coordination and test the ability of tanks, healers, and DPS to perform their roles like never before.”

Staff Systems Designer Asterdahl does note in a dev blog that this raid and its weapon set will be the top end of gear for quite a while, so players will have plenty of time to gear and skill up to it. Moreover, the raid won’t be tossed into the random queue pile for a while.

“Additionally, while we are experimenting with this increased challenge level for trials, we do not intend to increase the challenge level for dungeons. Though the required item level to enter new dungeons will rise, the mechanical acumen and coordination required will not rise significantly over other recent dungeons. Rest assured we will continue to provide content at the level of challenge you have come to expect.”


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I really want to like this game and I do enjoy playing it but for a “free to play game” it will cost you a fortune if you want to play at the highest level. It’s a shame really because this game has the potential to compete with games like WoW, ESO and GW2.