WildStar composer Jeff Kurtenacker asks fans for their soundtrack questions

Listen up.

While WildStar may be gone, its memory still looms large in the minds of many fans, especially when it comes to the game’s iconic soundtrack. Composer Jeff Kurtenacker has been quite public about his joy in how people responded to his soundtrack, and he’s taken to Twitter with an interesting request for fans of the game to ask him questions about that soundtrack so he can answer them on YouTube.

In a brief video, Kurtenacker explains that he knows many of his followers are there because of the game’s soundtrack and that he wants to do more work on the video platform, so he wants to start by answering questions people have about the soundtrack’s composition and design. Thus, ask him questions, and that gives him fodder to make videos. So if you love the soundtrack and are eager to hear more about where it came from? Well… ask the man questions, obviously. That’s the end goal here.

Source: Twitter
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